Pica8 is focused on developing high-performance and low-cost network switches. Pica8's switches leverage top-of-line commercial silicons, which are also used to build high-performance switches from Cisco and Juniper.

All Pica8's switches are loaded with Xorplus software, Xorplus, which supports enterprise-class features, including many L2 and L3 protocols, as well as leading-edge protocols, such as OpenFlow.

Why are the Pica8 switches unique?

  • Pica8's switches are developed and manufactured with exactly the same switch chips used in the high-end products of name brands. This enables Pica8 to achieve the same performance, but without the high-cost, of the switches from Cisco and Juniper.

  • Pica8's Xorplus is developed to meet the highest quality requirements of enterprise and data centers. We are focused on the stability and scalability of the software, NOT the numbers of protocols.

  • Pica8 open sources Xorplus to our customers. This not only shows our confidence in the software quality but also enables a community of talents to support our customers.

  • Xorplus does NOT charge customers for bug fixes or new features. Users don't need to pay annual maintenance fee for bug fixes or high "upgrade" price for the new features.

  • Pica8's switches are commoditized and low-cost 1U top-of-rack switches, with the best breed of commercial silicons. All Pica8 switches achieve the same performance as the high-end name-brand switches, but at only a fraction of those switches.

With the Pica8 Xorplus, Pica8 can scale to meet the growth and stability demand of any data center.


> Optical TAPs
> Regenerators/Replicators
> TAPatch™ Cassettes
> Monolithic Tap Assemblies
> Cables Assemblies
> Cassettes & Enclosures
> Layer 1 Switches
> Network Recorders
> Ethernet Layer 2/3 Testers
> Test Lab Automation
> OPENFLOW Ethernet Switches
> Network Emulators
PDf 48 x 1 GbE With 10 GbE Uplink Options
PDf 48 x 1 GbE Industry Leading OpenFlow Scalability
PDf 64 x 10 GbE With 10 GbE & 40 GbE Uplink Options
PDf Pica8 Operating System PicOS™
PDf World’s First Open SDN Starter Kit
PDf Open Systems for Software Defined Networking (SDN)

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