Shenick TeraVM is a fully virtualized IP test and measurement solution that can emulate and measure millions of unique application flows. TeraVM provides comprehensive measurement and performance analysis on each and every applications flow with the ability to easily pinpoint and isolate problems flows. TeraVM is deployed on any industry standard hardware (e.g. Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM) with any major hypervisor (e.g. VMware ESXI, Hyper-V, KVM). With TeraVM you are no longer locked in to proprietary hardware that seems to be obsolete almost the minute you receive it.

TeraVM can be used to build an elastic test bed which scales both vertically as well as horizontally. The test bed can scale vertically from 1 Gigabit per second up to 1 Terabit per second by simply adding more industry standard hardware. Horizontally the elastic test bed scales across test locations which may be in the same building or the other side of the world. A centrally deployed license server keeps track of available TeraVM licenses and allocates them on demand. Gone are the days of physically transporting test hardware from lab to lab or across the world. With TeraVM testers or developers in the US could be using licenses during their work day and when they go home their counterparts in India or China could utilize the exact same licenses.

Test Physical or Virtual Devices
TeraVM is a highly scalable virtualized test solution, suitable for testing high performance physical devices at terabit rates. Yet at the same time, TeraVM can be deployed in a virtual server to test virtual networking devices. This enormous versatility provides great benefit particularly when testing both the physical and virtual version of a product such as a firewall.

Elastic Test Bed - Scale as you Grow
With TeraVM you no longer have to pre-plan the scale of your test bed. You can start small at a gigabit or less of test application traffic and add more servers as your test needs increase. Or you could take the opposite approach and build a large scale test bed and then break it up in to its constituent parts to make many small test beds or even individual test beds that single engineers or testers could use for functional testing.

Elastic Test Bed - Portability
Gone are the days of physically transporting test hardware from lab to lab or across the world. TeraVM is packaged as a virtual appliance which is easily deployed on any industry-standard hardware and only requires a software license to operate. For geographically dispersed test organizations moving a test bed across the world is as simple as checking out a license from a centrally deployed license server.

TeraVM leverages virtualization technologies to deliver application traffic emulation and performance measurement with scaled throughput on industry-standard hardware

Key Benefits:

  1. Highly scalable: 1 Gbps to 1 Tbps.
  2. Test both physical and virtual devices.
  3. Supports all major hypervisors: VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer and KVM.
  4. Delivers 100% of capabilities developed by Shenick over 10+ years.
  5. Rapid expansion and contraction of test beds.
  6. On demand test bed portability.
  7. Utilizes industry-standard hardware.
  8. Offers most cost effective method of test.

Key features of TeraVM include:

  • Emulation and measurement of millions of unique application flows.
  • Fully stateful application flows, test live application servers.
  • Real time analysis and reporting on each individual application flow.
  • Easy pin pointing and isolation of problem flows.


> Optical TAPs
> Regenerators/Replicators
> TAPatch™ Cassettes
> Monolithic Tap Assemblies
> Cables Assemblies
> Cassettes & Enclosures
> Layer 1 Switches
> Network Recorders
> Ethernet Layer 2/3 Testers
> Test Lab Automation
> OPENFLOW Ethernet Switches
> Network Emulators
PDf Virtualized Network Test Solution
PDf TeraVM License Server (TVM-LS)
PDf TVM-R620/TVM-R420: 1U Rack Servers Preloaded with TeraVM








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