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The industries highest density TAP solution can accommodate up (48) full duplex TAPs in 1U of rack space. Available in either single-mode or multi-mode and a variety of split ratios we are sure to have a module to fit your monitoring requirements. High density fiber cables (MTP/MPO) are the cable of choice for new datacenters builds and required for 40 GIG (40GBASE SR-4) and 100 GIG (100 GBASE SR-10) networks. Available with most industry standard connectors.

Complete network visibility requires access to any network segment and often requires multiple copies of the same signal. The "TAPPED" signal will need to be regenerated in order to replicate the signal. Mimetrix offers a broad range of regenerators and replicators all with ultra-low latency, as little as 1.5 nanoseconds. Whether your monitoring requirements are for 2 copies or 64 copies, 1 GIG or 100 GIG , Ethernet, SONET/SDH, OTN or Fibre Channel we have a solution for you.

Imagine a TAP solution that requires no additional rack space. Mimetrix Technologies has integrated TAP functionality directly into the fiber infrastructure or Patch Panel. The TAPatch™ LGX style Patch/TAP cassette can be easily incorporated into your current structured cable plant. A true "Zero U" TAP solution. Integrated TAPs also reduce the overall insertion loss associated with extra patch cables required for an external TAP.

The Mimetrix Monolithic TAP Assembly (MMTA) is a completely connectorized TAP assembly that can be incorporated directly into almost any manufacturer's Patch Cassette or TAP product line. We have miniaturized 1x2 optical PLC splitters and etched them directly onto a polymer or silicon substrate. The PLC splitters are incorporated into a single Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) and the ribbon fibers are terminated with the connector of your choice or left unterminated.

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